Product Development

Our development pipeline is focused on further expanding the clinical utility of AlloMap through:

  1. Additional research using our extensive clinical data and sample repository acquired through previously completed trials
  2. Developing new solutions for the surveillance of solid organ transplants by applying donor-derived cfDNA as a biomarker and establishing clinical performance within the existing sample repository and in new sample collections
  3. In-licensing or acquisition of new products and technologies that further enhance our portfolio of solutions to improve the long-term care of solid organ transplant recipients

Cell-free DNA for Organ Transplant Recipients

To expand our product line in serving organ transplant recipients, we are actively developing a diagnostic solution platform based upon cell-free DNA (cfDNA) technology. Our first product will be for Research Use Only (RUO) to identify donor cfDNA in samples from heart transplant recipients; we intend to apply the expertise we gain from developing this product to develop cfDNA solutions for other solid organ transplants, beginning with kidney transplants.

Product Development Timeline

The timeline below illustrates project phases for development of our current product pipeline.